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  Sun, 23 Jun 2024 14:20:57 +0200

      Ursula Sabisch 

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Dealing with storms

                                                                      12th Sunday of the year


Aggression builds up quickly and leads to impulsive behaviour. Sister Birgit Stollhoff finds a recipe for this in the Bible: just sleep on it for a night. This turns accusations into good conversations.    



Dear Catholics, Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,      

Of course, you can sleep on it one night, sleep on the disputes, and the next day everything usually looks different.       

Of course, you can sleep on it again and again for another night and another night and the next night and again and again and again until the storms roar incessantly and unceasingly. Then you can no longer ignore it and sleep, you have to watch over it all night long!     

This is the usual way of dealing with the storms of our time, which will come especially from the direction of a Christian or Christianity, in that the Christian demands the body of Christ quite naturally and habitually, so that the Sacrificial Lamb is held up directly to the devil again today! All the storms of time will then come to a standstill and everything will be in perfect order again for a few minutes. Or do real Christians who are pure of heart come to the Lord to receive the Body of Christ?     

And how does this actually fit together when at the same time it is permitted in the world to abort a human being in his most defenceless form and at the same time to know that no food or water will be made available to a person in distant countries or in war zones, even if you donate some money?           

You and others simply have no respect for reality and also not really for God, but come up with good and pious slogans on the radio or in magazines and on the Internet. You ignore the Crown that has been called upon and want to put yourselves in the limelight with your pompous pious slogans, behind which there are nothing but empty words without deeds! 

Then sleep on it for a night and perhaps you will finally wake up, because the storms are roaring incessantly and calling on you to shake your neighbour awake!     

Finally think about what "Catholic" means and what the time has come, you holy Christians and you extremely

boring sleepyheads!



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