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Devil's children

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Court of Justice of the European Union

L - 2925 Luxembourg

Germany, Luebeck, 18 June 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

The devil's rule in the Occident and his large following in a negative sense!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Judges, Dear Readers,

It is past time for every citizen, at least across Europe, to inform themselves about the Lord's matter, which is vital for every person in the world.

Obviously, the diabolical zeitgeist will probably try to fixate the matter and the commission on individual persons in order to reduce the magnitude of the matter to the monarchs, which is of course gross nonsense. But such ways of thinking fit into the religion of a Protestant and these "realities" will probably be interpreted in the same way by the masses.

A Protestant stands up for himself and his convictions and does not really recognise that a Protestant also exists exclusively through created life by means of Creation and is only alive or can only participate in life for this reason.

My person recognised this "broken form of faith" as a child and has always wondered and asked why it is possible to recognise this difference, which actually exists, and which is no longer as clearly recognisable today as it was in the 1950s.

Just yesterday, however, I was reminded once again that the citizens of Luebeck, for example, who I met yesterday on a short bicycle tour, will be mainly characterised by Protestantism, as will at least the majority of the FRG and especially Schleswig-Holstein, in that with bravura they wanted to continue the wordless "psycho game" that has already become known.

Only someone who fundamentally has no living relationship with his or her Creator or with God can really be that stupid or that artificial, especially as these citizens have been informed of the matter for years, preferably through my person. These Protestants probably actually believed that my person had special abilities and could put Uri Geller in the shade.

About 40 years ago, it would never have occurred to me that my super-dimensional connections as a Roman Catholic could not be addressed to God and not be accepted and sent by God, which my person wanted to make clear to others for good reasons, just like a person addresses a silent or spoken prayer to God.

Unfortunately, these natural connections, albeit by means of a thin nerve, which incidentally many Catholics possess, probably met mainly with Protestants, whose form of faith is centred on the person and not on God. At the time, I would never have thought it possible that people could be so stupid and uneducated in their perception and judgement, especially as these, as a rule at least in the western world belong to every human being, including the diabolical connections.

In the meantime, my person has more or less involuntarily connected with other super-dimensional connections, especially in order to be able to reach the devil's children, but now they obviously feel in a position to make judgements about my person or to pass judgement on my person in the matter.

That's the way it is when the "broken" person of today is not even in a position to recognise who is actually his or her direct superior and who is his or his or her direct superior female, even if the Almighty were to let the broken person of today bang the Cudgel on the table!

Even if the Cudgel were already active, in that it could have already struck here or there, these broken "people" would remain silent in their falsehood and cowardice and continue to want to sponsor the devil within themselves and in their environment, because they would misclassify or misinterpret their diabolical behaviour as so-called "good people".

If you conceal something important from your fellow human being, as you and others have been doing here with my person and my family for years or decades, which may be vital or necessary for the person concerned, then you are clearly controlled by the devil, who always seeks his advantages through his helpers or henchmen and quite obviously usually finds them!

This search for advantage by the population has been going on for too long and in the end all these so-called good citizens will realise very clearly that they are the ones who have long been in the possession of the devil and his claws, in that they and their children will already have become accustomed to it.

If you or these children of the devil want to judge someone, then take a look in the mirror and perhaps you and others will think of this and that crime or this and that diabolical deed that was carried out by you or others, but which could possibly come to light through my person instead of the actual perpetrators or offenders.

Especially many of these mentally disturbed people then of course try to direct or produce their crimes and deeds onto others, which of course the devil in this and that person certainly knows how to do!

My person would never have thought that there are so many stupid people in the world or that so many mentally deficient people can lead a very obviously good life controlled by the devil! And that is precisely the devil's tactic, because the devil particularly likes to put himself in the limelight as a religion, including Christianity, and pretends to give people today a sense of freedom and security that has long since ceased to exist.

The complete opposite is the case and when mankind has finally recognised and understood the true situation of the world and more, then it may already have become too late for a new beginning and this is exactly what the devil will take advantage of through a then justified panic of mankind.

Only if the devil is thrown down to earth in time and loses his great power will there be the possibility of a future worth living for all, but the human spirit or mind of man is and will always remain decisive and guiding, as the soul and spirit of man must remain connected to God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

You as a brilliant Protestant are basically a laughing stock for my person, because if a person cannot even establish a natural connection to his Creator or to God through human prayer on his knees or does not know it, in that the Protestant visibly values himself as a human being equal to God and also does not ask about the existing and necessary special connections to the divine, then good night Marie!

You as a brilliant Catholic are basically more than just a laughing stock; you are an act with a halo that makes you want to scream!

You and others can still play your false wordless game with my person, but my person has already stopped fighting silently for years, as already explained, to be able to reach and connect you and others, because this effort was and is very, very precious.

There are still other cultures in the world and some other gods and devilish creatures that will exist, whereby the remaining power of my person should be used precisely for this purpose, especially as my person cannot speak or understand the languages abroad!

So you can't wait until everything is clean and tidy, but you have to tackle the dirt and more together from all sides at the same time and get rid of it, while at the same time each individual can change to the right side of life!  This happens directly by ending wars, ending hunger in the world and ending abortion without exception. As a result, something specific in the super-dimensional realm can be released and presumably dominate in the short term by hoping for a real arrival of at least a few UFOs for the time being!

The reign of the Creator of the heavens and the earth should have been realised long ago through the one worldwide and predetermined Monarchy and its Monarchs, for there must also still be some people on the side of God or the side of truth as contemporary witnesses in order to be able to bring the worldwide Monarchy to fruition and action in time!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

Last sensible option: Just as Emperor Diethard, King Juergen and his wife, my son and, for example, one of the cardinals, his Eminence G. G., will be protected and free from public discrimination via TV or whatever, by then at the latest my person will have to pack her suitcase and go on cultural trips.

In order to be able to secure this and more permanently, my person should first open the gate to the world, as has already been announced several times.

Remember: If anyone can take care of themself, it's my person, and my person has never been a child of sadness!

On 19 June 2024 document checked.