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Das Weltkulturerbe

Cleaning up

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Tue, 7 Feb 2023 19:28:52 +0100
Ursula Sabisch <ursula.sabisch@t-online.de>

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Tue, 7 Feb 2023 18:30:53 +0100
Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net>

The German language document you may find here!


Dear Christians, Dear Sirs, Dear Clergymen and Dear Readers,              

It is time to make acquaintance with my person and so first everyone should indeed sweep in front of his own front door, before you start to clean up elsewhere!                

Probably you and others are not ready to clean up voluntarily, and so a certain pressure must necessarily be present, which will force you and others to go finally in the correct  direction, by with the cleaning up for example in the media, particularly concerning the TV and the Internet, followed by the  mail-order business and the retail trade, the Discounters and the magazine publishing houses a beginning must be found!                

At the same time should be created for the youth safe and future-oriented training possibilities particularly of the handicraft clearly separated according to sex and the training should be immediately converted!        

Also the poverty of many people on the spot must be ended immediately and the life of the people concerned must run in regular courses, so that many of the Christians or other believers will be able to help and also clean up elsewhere in the world!                

The certain pressure already affects the earth, as we all should have noticed and this will be only the beginning of the end! End is now with the insatiable exploitation of the earth and the production of weapons and war implements and end must be now with the unnecessary environmental pollution!    


Come to yourselves before it will be too late for you and others!

The way is available and has been clearly described on the Internet for all people!                


     Introduction to Christianity (weltauftrag.de)